Report: WRC events refuse to sign contract for 2013

British Autosport just confirmed what we all somehow knew and expected – FIA’s new one-year contract for the World Rally Championship events failed to attract support from the organizers.

As you might remember, FIA did not allow organizers much time to discuss and decide whether they wish to sign the contract, with deadline being set for June 8. One of the main issues is the proposed 100.000 euro fee, required to cover costs of tracking, timing and broadcasting.

Following the response by French motorsport federation FFSA and their public refusal of the contract it seems other organizers were also reluctant to sign it. From what I understand, organizers would like to get more information regarding new promoter and FIA’s plans for 2013 before putting their names and euros on the new contract.

Perhaps deadline could have been extended beyond June 8, but with June 15 meeting of FIA’s World Motor Sports Countil it is obvious Federation wanted to discuss the contract and future of WRC AFTER the contracts were returned and presumably signed.

And since talk and communication is so badly needed in WRC at the moment, FIA will have to do it properly this time – talk with teams and organizers first, then design a contract and only then bring it before WMSC. Or at least I think that would be the correct procedure. But, the big question is, can one call for an additional WMSC meeting over such small thing as the future of WRC? Let’s see!

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