Video: Citroën DS3 XL with 545 HP, a bit of a morale booster

Sebastien Loeb accepted the invitation to take part in upcoming X Games and third round of the Global RallyCross Championship with a grin of selfconfidence.

I would assume it is fairly easy to be selfconfident with eight World Rally Championship titles under your belt.

To further boost Seb’s confidence and chances against winner of both Global RallyCross Championship races held so far, Marcus Grönholm, Citroën called in the experts from Hansen Motorsport and prepared an outright beast.

Called Citroën DS3 XL it is a genuine pocket rocket – imagine your regular, well, regular WRC specced DS3 being put on steroids, and lots of them. End results, 545 HP and 800 Nm, enough for Formula 1 alike performance figures. At least we now know what it takes to make Sebastien Loeb break a kid-in-a-candystore smile – all it takes is extra 245-ish horsepower under his right foot!

I have no doubt who will be my favourite for Round 3 of Global Rally Championship!