Video: Mikko’s journey from Greece to New Zealand

Mikko Hirvonen really works hard to earn his rally superstar status – not only is he expected to perform behind the wheel of a rally car but he also has to endure all sorts in order to get from one rally of the championship to the other.

So far this year he traveled on a donkey, golf cart, old beaten up Ford (ha!) and even walked across the globe, but this time he decided to try out Red Bull’s wings for size.

With bungee being almost mandatory in New Zealand it’s not surprising Mikko dediced to simply jump from Greece to New Zealand, but this trip was not without risks. Just ask Mr. Hirvonen’s luggage!

Oh, and once again Jarmo Lehtinen enjoyed more relaxed and straight forward journey from rally A to rally B.

But, undoubtedly best part of Mikko’s latest video is his reaction to not so ordinary case of lost luggage. You can almost hear him think: “These better not be the ropes I’m using later on!”