Video: Sebastien Loeb testing 545 HP Citroën DS3 XL

Bring it on! – exclaimed eight-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb when challenged to take part in X Games 2012, or rather in third round of Global RallyCross Championship.

He was “officially” invited to join the GRC by Travis Pastrana, and thanks to Red Bull’s perfect marketing strategy everything was nicely planned, with “will you come?” and “of course I will” videos by both Pastrana and Loeb.

Hansen Motorsport built a car and Citroën added their own flavours to it, and after it was all done it was time for Sebastien to get behind the wheel and take it for a ride. As the video suggests, Loeb provided tons of feedback to the mechanics and the engineers and the end result should be the car which will not only enable Loeb to beat the American drivers but also the winner of first two rounds of Global RallyCross Championship, Marcus Grönholm.

Who will be faster, Grönholm or Loeb? Ford or Citroën? Does Pastrana and the rest of the gang even stand a chance? Can’t wait to (not) see this upcoming weekend, when this Global RallyCross Championship race will (not) be available through TV coverage globally.