Ken Block takes the golden silver in LA

Ken Block is just one great guy – he knows his way around marketing and business and isn’t at all shabby when some driving and hooning is needed. I must admit I was pretty damn surprised when I saw him fight his way to the top in Global RallyCross Championship race finals yesterday in Los Angeles. It was not only the fact that he managed to hold on to second place with destroyed tyre, which he did for 4 out of 6 laps, but the way he got in front of the rest in the early phase of the race was just great. Now I’m not sure if Ken was pushed sideways or did he just intentionally positioned his Fiesta that way, but it worked and after first two corners Hoonigan was chasing Loeb around the track.

Equally impressive in both track and off-track activities, Ken was one of the first to congratulate Sebastien Loeb on his win, and for every competitior that is the one thing you just don’t like to do – you want to be the one on top, that’s the nature of the sport. Yet, true heroes are great in winning and losing and Ken both lost to Sebastien and won by finishing second in a damaged car to claim silver in round three of the GRC. He also did huge job of promoting WRC, something that is not recognized enough by the rallying community in general I’m afraid.

This is what Ken wrote on his Facebook page, under a podium picture of the race (the same picture used in this article, source): “I never thought I’d share a podium with (arguably) the world’s greatest rally driver, S├ębastien Loeb. Congrats on the win Seb, it was a tough fought battle (I did over 4 laps on a blown tire). If I’m going to get second at X Games to anyone, it’s the 8-time WRC Champion.”

True hero.

If you missed the race, you can check the video from earlier post.