Jari-Matti accepts the inevitable

It really was a no-brainer – Jari-Matti Latvala agreed, or rather offered, to help his team mate Petter Solberg and Ford in their battle against Citroëns for the remainder of 2012 season.

String of bad luck rallies coupled with bad driving rallies and then injury led to Latvala’s early retirement from title race this year, but he is still able to do his part in helping Solberg and Ford beat the reds.

As any good team player will always tell you, their main goal is of course the team – and this sounds like quite the task as Ford is currently second in the championship with 141 points as opposed to 237 points on Citroën’s account. Meanwhile, Petter Solberg is holding on to P3 in driver’s championship, but his 90 points tally looks rather pale compared to 145, owned by Guess Who.

Latvala’s future is still uncertain – he might be staying with Ford or he might be on his way to Volkswagen (in which case he might continue crashing the Fiestas!). That is if Ford decides to stay in the WRC after this year. Manufacturer title at the end of 2012 would come handy no doubt.

Hop over to WRC.com and see what Latvala had to say on this topic. Of helping the team, not plans for the future that is.