Finally: Polo R WRC to debut in Sardinia

This is the good news and the bad news – for those of us that hoped Volkswagen would be able (and allowed) to bring their brand new rally car to WRC stage(s) this year. Although German team was quite reluctant in disclosing their immediate plans, we hoped they might make it for Deutschland Rally or one of subsequent rounds – perhaps even several of them.

As the things stand right now, this will not happen. Instead, as Autosport reveals, Volkswagen will be allowed to start but not compete in Sardinia on Rally d’Italia in October. Zero car scheme is out of the question due to FIA’s no-no, says Volkswagen, and they’ve only been allowed to start the stages in Sardinia but their runs will not be timed.

Providing they will be allowed to actually race, it matters close to nothing if their runs are officially timed or not. They will have their own timing, tracking, whatnot, and can hire an army of time-keepers to cover each kilometer of every stage and provide real time comparison to Fords and Citro├źns.