Video: Rally Maribor on board Fiat Panda

Rallying is (so) much more than just WRC, IRC and other big regional, continental or global series – there are national or even club events, very accessible and also fairly popular, depending on the country or region. One national event took place not long ago in Slovenia, around the town of Maribor.

Now, I’m not sure how that rally fares these days in terms of numbers, both spectators and crews alike, but that’s not really what I came here to say. Among many videos made by crews and spectators I picked one onboard. We get to sit with Jernej Fakin and Niko Volčič (sorry if you get funny looking letters) as they tackle special stage 1 of 2012 Rally Maribor in their Fiat Panda. Welcoming change from the all too familiar yet never boring WRC onboards and prove you need to know what you’re doing, whether it’s in WRC car or the little Panda.