Kimi promises to return to rallying

Good news for all the fans of Kimi Raikkonen and motorsports in general – former Formula 1 World Champion said he wants to return to rally after he is done with Formula 1. Article on Autosport suggests Kimi is still in love with “our” sport and despite difficult two years in World Rally Championship, he is still keen on improving and progressing but most of all he wants to have some fun.

No surprise really. Kimi is seen by many as one of the most talented drivers out there, and he surely does not lack character – both treats are highly welcome in WRC. Raikkonen’s rally career was brief and difficult, but it also served as a proof that this guy is bloody fast both on closed circuits and on rally stages. Because you don’t just simply decide to jump start your rally career and immediately get behind the wheel of a WRC car and compete on WRC events. But that’s exactly what Raikkonen did. With huge restrictions in place, one of which is very limited recce system consisting of just two passes – not a very friendly way to get you into the system of making and then using pacenotes.

Either way, Raikkonen says he’ll be back once he is done with Formula 1 and his desire to compete against other people. How long will that take, it’s hard to say and it mostly depends on how soon his current (and possible new team[s]) will be able to build a competitive car. One thing is certain, for now Kimi is set to remain in Formula 1, despite his desire to do both things at once. Of course, Lotus easily dismissed such ideas, and rightfully so – bitter memory of Robert Kubica’s demise still haunt everyone.

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