Video: What the fcuk, Petter?

  • Alex

    It’s the firt time i see the accident from this angle and it seems more stupid than the other angles heli and onboard.

    Looks like a shark in the water, well at least he hit the pole because from this angle i think he was on his way to go for the house.

    The best thing from all this is no spectators hurt.

  • Kid_Voltron

    “Grape, grape, grape, road, fuck, pole… wat!?”


  • Marko Šuto

    Car’s been lowered for tarmac, driver sits low fastened with seatbelt so he cannot move his head to have a better view at what’s in front if the car, there’s little chance to see the road coming out of the wineyards with grapes on the windscreen. He kept throttle down so he wouldn’t get stuck in vineyard, shame he kept it for too long… it’s just one of those moments which gave him the name Petter Hollywood

    • After few offs this year I often wonder if Petter is having trouble seeing out of the car, Fiesta seems to have a very low set windshield and with seat position being as low as possible he might not be able to actually see much of the front of the car. You can see him trying to stretch up to have a better view after this crash, and similar was in few other situations this year. I know they’re more or less driving on instinct with regards to the actual dimensions of the car, but it’s probably good to see something as well. :)

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