Video: What the fcuk, Petter?

Pardon my French, and no pun intended, but what the actual fuck? First I heard Petter Solberg and Jari-Matti Latvala screwed up again, and was not that surprised given their unfortunate record this year, but then the news emerged saying Petter had a bit of a serious crash. No wonder, I thought, them roads are quite tricky in Mr. Loeb’s backyard.

But now, there is a video of this crash, and all I could think of was what I wrote in first sentence. Did he just slid off the road, harvest some grapes (or is this a hops field?) and then jumped over the road again, full throttle blasting on rev limiter, and went into another vineyard? Eventually collecting electricity pole and sending locals into stone age?

Did Petter have a bad day, or his throttle jammed, Toyota style? I would assume he was just trying to get out of the green stuff as soon as possible, and with slick tyres you don’t want to lose any momentum in the green, or you’ll stay in the green. But what he intended to do was not what happened, because his momentum took him over the road again and into the field. And of course, needless to say but Petter probably did not have the best visibility in those conditions. This has got to be one of the most bizarre accidents this year, though Ford had plenty of those in 2012. Shame for Petter and Chris, but as odd as this one was, it does not add much flair to their 2012 resume, sadly.

Poor Chris Patterson, he was just a passenger in this and a pretty useless one at best. “Grape, grape, grape, road, fuck, pole… wat!?”

Much less amuzing is the fact that few spectators barely managed to avoid falling electricity wires.

EDIT: published Petter’s comments, not surprisingly, he’s also in a bit of a WTF state at the moment.