The end of “so-called” Mini works team

  • Kid_Voltron

    Mind you the DS3 is actually a commercial competitor to the MINI and is not a volume seller….but the whole MINI thing really stank when they dumped Kris Meeke and decided to whore a second driver’s seat to the highest bidder…I’d rather wish Dani Sordo goes back to Citroen even if it isn’t a full season since he’d be filling in for Loeb…either him or Kris Meeke…provided Neuville stays with the Junior team…and *wishfully thinking* …Sebastien Chardonnet becomes a second driver for Citroen Junior…but I for one am only regretful of the possibility of another above average driver in Dani Sordo possibly having no seat….the WRC has’nt had coverage but my biggest gripe is the quality and lack of depth when it comes to drivers, sure sponsors and manufacturers would catalyse the resuscitation of the sport…but as I said somewhere else…take out Loeb, Ogier, Sordo, Hirvonen and Latvala out of the equation and you have the current sponsors pulling out…the drivers. That’s why I feel Thierry Neuville and Sebastien Ogier are classic examples of how below par the other drivers are, Neuville’s maiden season and he’s already fighting with the big boys… we need drivers like Sordo and Meeke to find teams, the Neuville’s and Chardonnet’s to show the potential of the sport…if I look at Les Mans…for the past 4 years or more it was only Audi vs Peugeot in the LMP1 category, 2 manufacturer’s but they were a marvel to watch, the competition was fierce….so having a lot of above average would be more awesome for the sport than money, although the sport is definitely in need of money. my 2c’s worth..

    • You are indeed right – Citroën DS3 is competing in this “premium” niche right there with Mini, which further invalidates Mini’s withdrawal. I seriously cannot understand what was the reasoning behind the Mini WRC project, unless their goal was to gain some press time and launch customer rally car.

      As for the rest of your comment – good read and plenty of points, as usual. Thanks a bunch.

  • Kid_Voltron

    …oh and good riddance to MINI for they half hearted attempt… they need to take pointers from PSA…Citroen or Peugeot will never enter unless they are in it to win it…

  • Jose Miguel

    This new is great for the world championship because BMW had never been involucrated in this own rally programme and the Mini John Cooper Works never improved enough.Also Prodrive has fault of this bad results.Where is those team with won rallies with Subaru?

  • Joao

    “Unless their goal was to gain some press time and launch customer rally car.”
    Definitely, as far as BMW is concerned. But I do believe that at some point David Richards thought he had a winner and that he would have the brand’s backup. Wrong. BMW is just evil.
    As far as “the official” team is concerned, the name was registered by Armindo, but presumably he decided not to take things to court (word is he filed a complaint to FIA). Atkinson also failed to deliver (how could he?) at some point inheriting a 5th place that didn’t do much for his career nor did it cover up the car’s lack of competitiveness and reliability. And you’re right, the MINI is just a fish-out-of-water, market-wise, plus it is fuggly! It would be great to have another make with a car that suits the bill. Say, Toyota (Yaris)?

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