McKlein Photography is looking for ultimate Colin McRae photo

The living legends of rally photography, The McKlein “brothers”, are on a quest and this one is not easy at all. They want to find that one perfect image of another legend, Colin McRae. Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking – Colin’s flamboyant style and “pedal to the metal” philosophy are safe guarantee of excellent action photos. And of course, you’re right. But that is also a problem – how do you pick the one image that stands out from the rest of them, the one that says Colin McRae in that many words?

Above you can see what Colin McMaster and Reinhard Klein picked as one of the best Colin’s moments, and below are some of my picks from McKlein’s online database. I am not 100% how tight the “rules” are, and are we allowed to suggest images by other photographers, but I believe 400+ photos in McKlein’s storage should be plenty.

If you wish to offer your suggestions, head over to McKlein’s Facebook page and make your thoughts known. For example, I’d like to see more of early Colin McRae works, the ones before the Subaru era – namely, 1989. and Ford Sierra!