To Volkswagen from a reborn WRC fan

With first part of Volkswagen’s WRC team presentation in Monaco behind us, we can safely say: these guys will rock our little world of WRC very hard. It started out slow and you could say a bit underwhelming at first, with classic stage presentation and guests, but then… then the films took over, the ones describing just what the World Rally Championship means to Volkswagen and also what Volkswagen plans to do for and take from World Rally Championship. And this is where I lost it.

It felt as if someone was deliberatly keeping WRC under wraps for years, keeping it locked away from the spotlights, marginalized and made into a niche sport for few crazy lunatics and some very masochistic teams. Well, not any-fucking-more!

Because Volkswagen, that big old conservative German brand, the one you usually do not attach to emotions such as speed and thrill and action… well, they brought us candies today. So many candies. They will not be just another team, with simple website, interviews, pics and reports. What they presented today made me think Volkswagen was in charge of World Rally Championship promotion! To certain extent they are, as a team, but to prepare such extensive programme with social networks, online media, fan interaction and global popularization of the sport as well as their brand. It was just too much to handle and absorb in one go.

I promise to write more about my thoughts regarding this subject and also about the fact that WRC was being badly managed in recent years, but for now let me just bask in that glorious feeling – finally the WRC December feels right! New team, new ideas, new perspectives and new fans. In fact, come to think of it, I will not write about past bad times and the people responsible, too much energy went into bad things already and too much time is being spent of “what could have been”s… Not anymore.

Oh, by the way, we all know you all know how to talk the talk, and some of you may be able to say they know how to walk the walk, but seriously, do you know how to… hold a helmet? Did you know that this skill alone can land you a dream job of being the one and only, ultimate Helmet Holder for Volkswagen team? Yes, they’re serious, and this is crazy, but head over to their new amazing Rally The World website and try your luck! May the Pan in your hand be your guiding light!

photo: Stolen from Matt Jelonek’s Twitter profile! HA!