Volkswagen Polo R WRC, s/he’s a looker

  • Alex

    I agree i like predominant white on rally cars. I liked white Xsara and C4 drived by Petter. For the Polo i did not like the first prototypes because the wheel arches were designed as a roof over the tires, for the final car there is more refinement on their design.

    Cannot wait for the start of the WRC season.

  • Skoobydoo73

    I love the way the polo looks. It’s a very aggressive looking car. I do get what your saying about it having the look of a group B car. It looks fast just sat there.

  • Kid_Voltron

    Can anyone please extrapolate on the Red Bull sponsorship issue? It just doesn’t make sense for Red Bull or any sponsor for that matter to dump a World Championship Team for a new team which highly likely among all the other teams least requires a sponsorship money?

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