Video: Just ask Ken Block & Monster WRT for some tips

Helicopter footage is great to say the least – it takes some serious skill and balls to try and emulate what guys below are doing in their cars while flying dangerously low and fast. We also like standard WRC onboard videos with cameras fixed to rollcage or bodywork – this puts us in passenger seat and lets us experience at least a bit of the atmosphere and speed. And finally, cameras dispatched to strategic spots on stages provide us with down-to-earth perspective of rally cars at full speed.

But what happens when you take this concept one step further? You end up with badass footage showing how equally badass this sport really is. All you need is a dozen or two GoPro cameras and some skilled editing. Of course, skill behind the wheel is bonus as well. GoPros, editing and driving skills… that sounds like Monster World Rally Team and Ken Block, right? Right!

Masters of thrilling rally and gymkhana videos took a different approach to documenting Ken’s test in Fiesta RS WRC ahead of 2011 Deutschland Rallye in Trier. They snapped one cam to Ken’s helmet, few cameras were fixed on car bodywork and rest were given to people standing in various hairpins and straight sections. Suddenly, we were not fixed to rollcage anymore – footage felt alive and speed felt real, further emphasized by outside view on hairpin passes.

Can these ideas be used in “official” WRC coverage next year? I sure hope so! I am not completely sure about helmet cameras though – it could be they’re too heavy or otherwise limit or obstruct head movement so perhaps it would require smaller units for helmets. But it’s an idea worth considering in my opinon. These things are dirt cheap, snap them all over the cars and around the stages, for new angles and perspectives. Because this is how motorsport should be presented these days, along with the standard high quality footage with professional ground and air crews.

I know I sound like a broken record, but WRC really must embrace fresh new ideas in order to raise it’s game and enchant new fans. That being said, I’m not asking for every event to be filmed gymkhana style, but why not complement existing filming with some inovations. Just ask Mr. Block and Monster for some tips!