Hyundai’s new WRC test video is a little less weird

Hyundai opted for baby steps it seems – their new video (to me at least it’s new) is a little less awkward than the first one, but similar to the team itself, it lacks essence, information and any kind of background.

This time Hyundai took us to who knows which track (there is a hint of ADAC so I do believe that says Germany) and with equally unknown driver (sorry I wasn’t able to catch his name embroidered into his overalls) and performed some spins and donuts on wet tarmac.

This time, the car is white, it does look like a 4WD despite the big front wheel spin right at the start, but who is it behind the wheel, or even behind the camera, and also who will be leading the team, is still unknown. To me, at least.

So, let’s all just enjoy this video signed by Stuntfenix.

And just as a side note… Becs Williams from World Rally Radio and Ford WRC videocast recently asked if anyone is looking for experienced videocast crew. Hyundai, please, do something about your videos!

Here’s a bit of an update, thanks to Apparently(!), Hyundai is pushing hard with their WRC project… they say they are “different” when compared to the other companies, and while others take time to plan their programmes, Hyundai likes to do it overnight. Well, let’s see!