Video: Ford review of their final WRC season

For now, it looks like goodbye, but we hope it’s just a “see you later” – Ford decided to pull the plug on their WRC programme and from 2013 blue oval will no longer be a registered manufacturer team in World Rally Championship. It is not all gloom and doom because Ford’s cars will still run under the M-Sport banner – keeping both M-Sport employees, cars and drivers in action. And hopefully in not too distant future Ford will once again decide to join the World Rally Championship because they are just that big part of what WRC was and still is – from Sierras and Escorts to Focus and Fiesta, Ford was always an icon of rallying and winning or not, they were there and they kept the sport going. Such approach was also recognized by fans all over the world, as you can see in the video below.

In case you somehow missed it, below is Ford final review of difficult yet exciting 2012 season and it’s many ups and downs, defeats and triumphs. It ended with a sad farewell, but it was a hell of a ride. Whether you are a die hard Ford fan or not, you should watch this. Remember, we are rally people, we just root for one driver/team, but we love and like them all just the same!

Sit back and enjoy the show, let Becs Williams take us through dramatic year that was 2012 for Ford World Rally Team.