Future world champion will be less worthy of his title?

  • Abdullah

    I partially agree with you, but in the last couple of seasons, Loeb had some competition against him, and because he is the driver no.1 for Citroen WRT, they have to make everything to make sure, that Loeb win the rally, even if it had to be their second driver, Ogier left because of that.

    Yes Loeb is fast and talented driver. But the car and the team behind his success.

    On other note, I am really excited because Loeb is semi retiring this season, it will make WRC more fun and enjoyable instead of the one man show WRC.

  • Anne

    I am sure that such thoughts and talks will be forgotten as soon as the season gets started and we will see some tight battles between the crews ( without Loeb/Elena). The fact is that there WILL be a new WRC Champion this year, and it will start a new era for the whole sport. It is sooooo good… Happy and Exciting Rally Year, everybody!

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