Video: Sébastien Loeb & Daniel Elena – Héritage

These two guys… Seriously, you could write an epic trilogy covering their achievements and the journey which took them from little Citroën Saxo in French rally championship to nine (9!) World Rally Championship titles. I like a good read and especially a well informed one, and I am sure there are so many stories and anecdotes about Sebastien’s and Daniel’s amazing career in WRC. But sometimes, a well produced video or a short film is even better – and this is what Citroën prepared.

Titled “Héritage”, movie brings us another look at the legacy of this amazing crew. From early days in little FWD cars to their conquests of WRC stages, Loeb and Elena had a career that just begs for a longer film, or even series of films. Or perhaps a shorter film is exactly what Sebastien and Daniel would have liked – they did their talking on stages for so many years, and they were never really craving for attention, that’s not their style.

Even though both Sebastien and Daniel are officially out of the Championship, they will be back for more rallies in 2013. One era is behind us, no doubt about that, but I’m so glad these guys find it hard to give up on old habits! Enjoy the film.