Shiny new European Rally Championship starts tomorrow

  • Alex Langheck

    Considering the ERC is supposedly a Eurosport series, couldn’t they have given the first round of the new improved ERC better coverage? It’s actually no better than the IRC, were the Live events were great, but the others were hit & miss. Why not put the highlights on earlier, instead of a midnight slot?

    Both the ERC and the WRC will make only makes strides when it gets more mainstream coverage. Is Joe Public likely to watch either?

    However, first weekend of the new year, and a top class Rally underway – bring it on.

    • Well said, my thoughts exactly. It could have been so much more, but I’ll cut them some slack since it’s first event of the “new” series, hoping they’ll improve and expand over time.

  • Michael Spencer

    Will the same sort of slack be cut to the new WRC Promoters?

    • That is up for debate! I expect things to improve and evolve for them too, it’s only natural, so first few event(s) might be basic in terms of coverage. What worries me most is lack of any information, announcements, plans… I can understand starting problems, and I’m sure everyone else does, but I don’t understand lack of communication.

  • Alex Langheck

    Since the FiA announcement, in September, have RedBull really said anything about the WRC? Mr Mateschitz did in December, but apart from that, not a lot.
    Nobody seems to know anything. If MotorsTV could get HD, then at least that would be a slight improvement, but realistically, MotorsTV are not the answer we all want.

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