Eurosport Events and ERC are doing it right!

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Seriously, I wasn’t that impressed with TV schedule of reports covering Round 1 of 2013 European Rally Championship on Eurosport – late night/early morning is not really how I pictured prime time for rally on TV. However, this is first round, and rally really needs to gain some ground to be eligible for real prime time, so there’s no point in arguing much at the moment. As I said yesterday, hopes are high for Eurosport and organizers to work together and improve things over time.

But then come today and what happens? Goodies! Plenty of them. To begin with, media guys over at ERC know their stuff – Twitter is literally swarmed with tweets by @FIAERC – from latest news, comments, results… And then, to top it off, they’re now rolling out video highlights of the stages held today! As in, SS2 was driven earlier today, and we get to see brief video highlights on ERC’s website. This is impressive and more in line with what I expected from Eurosport Events in ERC. To wrap it up, there is ERC Rally Radio coverage with Greg Strange, Chris Rawes and Julian Porter!

Grand job so far, and I really hope someone from the WRC is watching this and taking notes. It would be great for WRC to try and compete with ERC in terms of media/fans relations as well, wouldn’t it.

In the meantime, Jännerrallye is exciting and challenging in so many ways. As an illustration here’s a video from Jan Kopecky’s Škoda Fabia S2000, shot on one of the tricky stages today. And please do check how Francois Delecour had to fix broken gearchange lever in his Peugeot 207 S2000.