Impressive start for the new European Rally Championship

  • I agree with you at all – media coverage was grate.

    But there was two amazing fight on the top – 1st of course Kopecky vs Bouffier, 2nd Beppo vs Kajetanowicz in his real debut at ERC (excluding Rally of Poland). Huge round of applause for winners.

    I feel sorry of Michal Solowow, that he couldnt continue at 2nd day.

    Did you know that Delacour said before rally that in his opinion he’s able to win championship? ;D

  • Alex Langheck

    Before the event I was a little sceptical, too soon in the New Year, not enough of the Big drivers, etc

    However, I was pleasantly surprised, and it was an enjoyable event. And a close one too.

    I thought they had stepped up the new ERC website – videos put up very quickly, lots of info via Twitter. I think the Live TV events will be interesting – having LiveTV makes the event seem ‘bigger’.

    One final thought; during the off season/Festive period, people often moan about the lack of Motorsport. So while visiting Motorsport websites over the weekend, and guess what; there wasn’t much interest in the event; still discussing F1 and what Lewis/Alonso/Vettel had for lunch…..

    Autosport was very slow to have any updates about the event….

  • Marko S

    I salute all the media coverage, what I’ve heard and read was all positive except few things… Eurosport commentary on day reviews is horrible. The guy couldn’t even track top 5 drives and cars they drive, constantly mixing them and talking pardon my French – crap all the time. Also I couldn’t help noticing how unexciting S2000 cars are to watch, even on slippy surface. They are just too stable for low amount of torque and power they produce, production cars look way more attractive. However, big cheer to all the drivers for the fights on stages making the rally as thrilling as it can get!

    • I’ve heard it from other sources as well and had to look again closely (I admit I didn’t actually listen to the report while watching it on Eurosport, had music on!) – I remember similar being the case for last years Monte as well – is it about this being the first event or is there really a problem with the host, it’s hard to say. I stand corrected on my marks then, and I’ve added an update to article. Thanks Marko.

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