Deliveries of Peugeot 208 R5 just in time for Rallye Monte Carlo

Peugeot Sport’s latest hot hatch has lost no time winning over interested drivers, with sales already amounting to 56 cars in 14 countries. The new year will see the first deliveries take place, thereby allowing certain buyers to contest the Rallye Monte-Carlo, the first round of the World Rally Championship.

First car delivered on Monday

Peugeot Sport’s Racing Shop Manager Laurent Guyot formally handed over the first fully-built 208 R2 – to BDS Racing – at Peugeot Sport’s Vélizy headquarters, near Paris, on Monday, January 7. Deliveries are poised to continue at a fast rate in the near future!

BDS Racing will contest next week’s Rallye Monte Carlo with Lionel Baud, while three other 208s will take part in the year’s WRC opener in the hands of Arnaud Monnet, Yoann Perret and Nicolas Schifano.

56 cars already sold in 14 countries

As of January 10, 2013, orders have been placed for 56 Peugeot 208 R2s and these cars will be ready for delivery over the coming weeks and months. Orders originate from:

– France: 32 (including 2 from La Réunion, in the Indian Ocean)
– Belgium: 4
– Italy: 4
– Denmark: 3
– Estonia: 2
– Luxemburg: 2
– Slovenia: 2
– Germany: 1
– Spain: 1
– Finland: 1
– United Kingdom: 1
– Ireland: 1
– Portugal: 1
– Switzerland: 1

Poised to contest a variety of championships

Thanks to the overall quality of its technical package, its ability to convert easily from asphalt to gravel trim, and its particularly attractive competing costs, the 208 R2 is expected to challenge for class success in numerous national and regional championships, including the ERC and events such as next week’s Rallye Monte-Carlo. The bulk of owners will contest Peugeot Sport’s 208 Rally Cup formulae which are being organised in several countries. At the end of 2012, Peugeot Belgium announced its intention to run such a competition, the last round of which – Belgium’s Condroz Rally – will coincide with the finale of the French series. Peugeot Portugal just announced the creation of their national 208 Rally Cup and other countries are likely to make similar announcements soon.

Sales of the 208 R2

The specific parts kits (gravel or asphalt) available for the 208 R2 cost €37, 500 (net), including registration document and a fully built engine. It is also possible to order a fully assembled, road-registered 208 R2 (asphalt or gravel) for €57, 500 (net). Last but not least, two-way gravel/asphalt, asphalt/gravel conversion kits are also available.