Škoda UK Motorsport: “Does anyone know if next week’s Monte will be shown on UK telly?”

  • It’s the same here in Italy, no one know if Rai television will transmit Monte-Carlo rally and when

  • Alex

    That makes rally fans think!! :(

  • Alex

    Ok, i have discovered here in Portugal is in a pay-per-view channel. D’oh!!!!!

  • Anne

    I have tv programs for Wednesday and Thursday in my hands… No sign of WRC rally anywhere, not even on pay-tv in Finland. Last year we got rally on different channels (unfortunately very little on the free channel) almost 1 hour per day plus 1 hour of highlights after each event. Online it cost just about 30 € for the whole season. (Tv was much more expensive, though.) And now we are not going to get anything anywhere?!? It sucks :(

  • Anne

    Finally some very good news in Finland: MTV3 and MTV3 Max will show WRC again this year :) Obviously those contract issues are about to be solved at last…

    • That is great news! Now if only they do the same for UK!

  • Alex Langheck

    I think we’re seeing the harsh reality of the sport in the UK. It has fallen so far from the mainstream, that I can’t imagine there being any coverage in the UK.
    The reason Ch4, ITV1/4, Dave dropped it was low viewing figures – why should that change now? No British driver in a top car challenging……

    I’m afraid it’s not looking good – I hope something can be sorted, but I can’t think what station would be interested.

  • Todt/FIA “WRC is safe in our hands”, well thanks for nothing!

  • big fan wrc

    ok, verry verry bad situation.i ll try tomorrow to post heare a link where every1 can watch live on internet monte carlo rally.

  • Ayger

    Well, it’s a big pitty that we cannot watch live the event. I was searching around the tv guides and no one offers live coverage… :(

  • big fan wrc

    Yup!i ve searched verry long time to find something , butt…. nothing .Shame Jean Todh

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