One year ago, World Rally Blog was born

  • Anne

    Congrats, Birthday Boy! I look forward to many new interesting years to come :) Thanks for the good blog and…. Flat out!

    • Many thanks, and sure, flat out all the way, and see where it takes us! :)

  • Marko S

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the info and thoughts you share with us, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Marko, it’s been great with all the feedback and chats, looking forward to more. Hvala ti! :)

  • Alex

    Thanks for the site, great work!!!

    Now lets see great rally in MC!! as a gift!!

    keep the great work

    • That would be the best present imaginable, indeed. Thank you Alex! :)

  • Abdullah

    I found the blog less than month, and I was really impressed with the quality of the articles here. As everyone know, really good website for WRC is really rare, hek, I even think this blog better than it self. Keep the good work!

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