One year ago, World Rally Blog was born

This time last year we were heading into another season of World Rally Championship, and things were not looking particularly good at that point. Media promotor was gone, Mini was in trouble and Ford almost followed them out. It was at that particular time that I decided to finally go ahead and launch this blog, as a place to write about World Rally Championship and rallying in general. Sometimes I felt like I had something to say, and I thought it would be nice to be able to share it with other fans of the sport outside the boundaries of your usual social networks. On January 13th, 2012, World Rally Blog was born, and featured news about Eurosport taking over broadcasting for Monte Carlo, and Ford’s new livery, Kevin Abbring and Andreas Mikkelsen being confirmed for test runs by Volkswagen, etc.

One year later, and we are just days from starting another season. This time around, things do look much better, although we are still not fully healed and recovered from the tough 2012. Red Bull Media House is in control of global promotion, and while we still haven’t actually heard from them in a big and loud way, things are moving in good direction. Or at least I hope they are. New channels are being added to the list of broadcasters showing WRC this year, and I have zero doubts Red Bull does know how to promote and sell things. Because we really need to sell WRC to new fans and new investors. It could as well be that talks and negotiations are dragging slowly not because of Red Bull Media House, but other factors and parties involved.

This sport and everyone involved in running, deserves much more and much better. It deserves prime time TV, and it deserves to be recognized as global sporting spectacle, which it is. If there are still obstacles and problems, I sincerely hope they’re not caused by interests larger than the sport itself. Because nobody’s pockets should be above WRC, period.

But, yada yada and blah blah, it is my little cake day today, and I’ll let myself be in a good mood. The snow is falling like there’s no tomorrow, new season is only days away and there is much to be optimistic and hopeful about.

I am very thankful and extremely humbled by the reactions and support I’ve received in the past 12 months. I know I’ve stepped on some toes, and I do apologize for often pushing too hard and rolling on people’s nerves, but I believe in speaking your mind, and sometimes I just feel like saying things in 6th gear. When in doubt, flat out, right?

So, thanks guys for tremendously fun year and let’s hope the new one will be 10x better in all imaginable aspects. There are many fun ideas and exciting things coming up really soon, like interviews with people I really admire and respect, and more. Here’s to the WRC!