Shakedown videos from Rallye Monte Carlo

After photographs, we now have the moving pictures as well, courtesy of fans and enthusiasts. World biggest provider of video material related to WRC, YouTube, hosts quite a bit of 2013 Rallye Monte Carlo videos already, but most interesting thing happening in Monte so far was shakedown practice today.

As usual, Michelin’s Best of Rallye Live delivered their video in timely manner, and many other fans provided their material as well. For now, unless you are actually on the stages (freezing your behind off, no doubt!), this is the best way to see the cars and crews in action. And what action it is! Slippery slush and snow greeted crews on shakedown, and they can expect similar treatment out on the stages over then next couple of days.

Enjoy the shakedown videos – it’s beyond great to finally see the things moving, from huge Qatar-backed Ford team to mysterious Volkswagen and all-conquering Citro├źns, with sole Mini completing up the lineup. Love it!