Video: Official WRC 2013 season preview video download

What can you do when you have a huge desire to watch your favourite sport on TV, yet it is just not possible because <insert one of many possible reasons>. Perhaps it’s premium TV channel, requiring expensive subscription (and you would use it only for WRC) or it’s just not available in your country/region. Regardless, unless you “know people”, you’re just out of luck.

Yet, we do know people! Actually, we know this guy Matt, Australian uberrally fan, who cleverly snapped SPEED’s WRC season preview and stored it to safety. Is it legal? Who the hell cares, to be honest. Is it acceptable that WRC is not visible in so many regions, and we still have no clue whether it will be? We had to look for those horrendous add-infested online streams of Live stages last year, because those were not globally available, so I assume every WRC fan is now getting used to “alternative” ways of getting TV broadcasts. It almost looks like we’re forced to do it this way. And it’s quite wrong.

Sure, seasoned fans can live without TV – we got our excellent radio coverage, we sit on F5 button on split times screen and Tweet our asses off spamming #WRC hashtag, but seriously, is WRC really happy with what we got? Are we not allowed to seek new horizons and bring in new people – just show some rally footage to some kids who never saw rally and it’s instant addiction. It’s just that easy!

I cannot close this article and not reiterate my hopes about things changing in very near future. But even the fact that legendary Rallye Monte Carlo, and all it’s magic, is not literally pushed into people’s TVs is rather sad.

Now, head over to and enjoy the preview. Oh, and if you watch now, Matt promises more to come in the form of daily reports! Just a NOTE: This particular video will only be available for limited time, so download it as soon as you can. You can even put it online somewhere else, and please let us know!

Needless to say, thanks Matt!

UPDATE: Well, that escalated quickly, but it’s hardly surprising! Traffic to this video caused Matt’s DB account to overheat and he is currently stopped on stage (meaning: video is not available anymore). Interest is there, no doubt, so FIA / Red Bull Media House, please don’t make us do this. :)

UPDATE 2: New link coming soon! Matt is determined to get it online, there’s just no stopping him!