2013 Rallye Monte Carlo, Day 3: The classy classic

  • Damien

    Great insight on the rally, thank you!
    I particularily agree on today’s fight between Sordo and Novikov, which was thrilling. Too bad the mass media (at least here in France) focus their coverage on Loeb vs. Ogier because apparently none of the two seem to care, which is especially true for Ogier who even gets aggressive when the other Seb’s name is mentioned, insisting on how hard he is indifferent to the matter (*note the hypocrisy*).

    I was pleased to see Ogier providing the championship with some fresh blood but seeing how arrogant he actually is makes me sick.

    • “I SOOOOO don’t care about Loeb!” ;)

      But seriously, a bit of arrogance is not necessarily bad thing, especially if he does have some results to back it up. I reckon I’d be pissed too if all I ever get to answer were questions about Loeb. I mean, give him a break, he’s in a new car and a new team and surely has many topics and thoughts to share. As it turns out now, Ogier is the world expert on Loeb, judging on how often he is asked about him! ;)

      I agree with you to certain degree, but I also believe WRC could use a bit of arrogance and self confidence – it’s so rare in motorsports these days. So, out with politicians, and in with primadonas!

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