Official WRC Youtube channel springs to life

Global access to free TV coverage of the World Rally Championship still belongs to the “please make it happen” folder, but things are moving in the right direction after all. Or at least that is the general impression of the small, but significant steps made towards mending some of the most neglected problems of WRC’s fan presentation.

Even if TV reports are NOT available in every country, you can actually find them on good old Youtube not long after they hit official TV channels. It is far from ideal, but rally fans need to help eachother, right Matt Jelonek (aka the guy who lost ability to use his Dropbox because of the big desire to share WRC video material from his account)? True hero and a pirate!

But even showing stolen TV material on Youtube pales in comparison to the progress finally made by WRC’s official Youtube production team. On Championship’s official Youtube channel we can finally watch very up to date video reports from the stages. Best of all, reports cover stages held on same day. How about that.

Reports are, of course, brief and cover only the top runners, but it’s a very positive step forward nonetheless. Hopefully everyone involved can keep the momentum going and bring us even more candies soon!

Official WRC YouTube Channel