2013 Rallye Monte Carlo, hard core love

  • Alex

    Great rally!
    There were many good things a lot of great pilots a new team.
    Great videos both from spectators and from TV.
    I was sorry about Novikov he deserved better.
    Both Bouffier and Hanninen had the possible rally given the conditions better luck for the first.

    I agree Sordo was very good I’m hoping he gives a lot of fight during the year.

    I was looking for the final rally classification and I noticed 8th place is almost in a different time zone LOL

    8. 32 S. WIEGAND WRC2 5:48:31.7 +6:07.2 +29:34.5

  • Bruce

    Thanks for the great blog. Refreshingly honest and realistic. A great rally despite the timing shambles, and lack of UK TV coverage. I just hope the wider problems get sorted quickly.

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