If this doesn’t make you scream “Bring it on”…

Rally Sweden’s new teaser video is just pure drama, suspense and a thrill, barely contained in mere 30 seconds of it. It is about passion, and you can see many forms of it in this short feature. Great editing and production, and if this doesn’t make you scream “Bring it on”, nothing ever will. This is how WRC should be presented, it has all the ingredients – passion, speed, raw power and exhilarating fun – and the frantic editing just adds to the mix, instead of ruining it. Well done!

Also, it’s wonderful to see rally presented by the people who actually understand the essence of the sport. Check out the video below. Also make sure to follow @RallySweden for latest updates.

Thanks @NeilCloughley for his tweet about this video, I missed the original from Rally Sweden Twitter team.