Opel Adam in R2 guise getting ready for homologation

Upcoming Geneva Motor Show will see Opel’s new Adam based R2 rally car in it’s latest development release. Even though not much has changed in and around Adam R2, compared to car’s debut last year, Opel pushed the press release out ahead of Geneva for even more sweet PR points and brand awareness. Good move, of course, especially if the brand is really determined to make the most out of their rekindled love of motorsports.

According to Opel’s initial release last year, Adam R2 will be succeeded by Corsa based rally car, a B segment vehicle fit for duty in THE rally class, WRC. However, Opel is, at the moment, not aiming that high and is instead focusing on various national and possibly regional cup series.

Given the right set of circumstances and more financial stability within the company and on the market, we just might see Opel take additional steps towards higher ranks, and ultimately WRC. New global promotion of the sport will, no doubt, play a major role in this, as will the stability of the Championship in long terms. In other words, I have no idea how will Opel manage such an extensive rally programme, but I hope they have all their bases covered, because company is not exactly in position to throw away money. Customer cup rally series sounds like best option in this situation, as it will not only bring some cash back into company, but will keep Opel active in development.

It would be great to have another major manufacturer in WRC, wouldn’t it?

Official PR material follows.

Opel returned to motorsport with the ADAM “Cup“ in November 2012. At the Geneva Motor Show the brand now presents another star in the firmament: a new concept study of the recently introduced ADAM lifestyle car, built based on FIA R2 regulations. Its final development and homologation are planned during 2013. With the ADAM R2, Opel takes another step in its new motorsport strategy by offering a top-class vehicle for international customer rallying which will be eligible for every national championship in Europe.

Chic, classy, eye-catching: this applies to the ADAM in general, as well as its R2 rally variant. Special body components from the sporty Opel OPC product line, quick release catches on the hood and tailgate, as well as under-ride guards front and rear, emphasize the sporty format of this athletic asphalt and gravel specialist. Its unique shell also harbors pure high-tech.

The ADAM R2 is powered by a 1.6-liter ECOTEC 16V engine with variable camshaft phasing that develops around 185 hp and maximum torque of about 190 Nm in its competitive configuration. Power is transmitted through a Sadev sequential five-speed gearbox and a limited-slip differential with a multi-disc lock. The chassis set-up, including asphalt and gravel settings, guarantees maximum traction and dynamic handling. Excellent deceleration is provided by a braking system with a hydraulic ‘fly-off’ handbrake, Brembo 4-piston front brake calipers and braking pressure regulation for the rear axle.

The R2’s cabin features all the attributes of a professional competition vehicle, and many details are already part of the specification to be homologated this year by FIA, the world motorsport association. Equipment includes: an integrated safety structure; SPARCO Competition racing seats compatible with the HANS driver safety system; a cockpit with an LCD gear indicator, control light and MONIT trip computer; a central control panel; a map reading light and an electric fire extinguisher.

The ultra-compact R2 is based on the new ADAM Cup variant. This already marks the first step in Opel’s new, European-focused program to promote customer rallying, which will enable talented young drivers to gradually progress to the pinnacle of European competition. From the 2013 season, up to 40 ADAM Cup vehicles will compete for brand trophies in Germany and France. In the German ADAC OPEL RALLYE CUP, the winner of a special “Rallye Junior” rating (for drivers up to 27 years of age) will advance into the R2 class, with special support in the next season from Opel and the ADAC.