Codemasters Community Survey – they’re building something and are curious about our ideas

Colin McRae Rally, ah those were the times. Countless hours spent chasing the records on some stages (Greece was my favourite) and enjoying the superb physics and very realistic car behaviour, all while racing down the locations of true World Rally Championship events. Not even Richard Burns Rally could beat that feeling for me personally, despite being far superior in car handling and physics, not to mention tuning and complexity of the learning curve. But that perfect balance between good fun and challenge was unmatched in the original Colin McRae Rally.

Later on came other Colin McRae Rally editions, followed by Dirt series, but while the idea and the model evolved, I believe games did not really follow the right path, especially when they included silly things such as gymkhana, which is neither fun nor very “racy” – well, I guess it is fun in real life, especially if you get high on tire smoke, but I’d rather drive my virtual car on long, challenging and detailed stages than force it into handbrake turns around the trash container.

We all know about Codemasters, studio behind all these great and not so great games. Well, in all honestly, most of their driving games are very good, both rally and racing ones. It appears Codemasters are working on something big, and they want our opinions and ideas. They’re not ready to discuss any details just yet, but judging from the Reddit posts of one of company’s developers, Codemasters really cares about fans opinions and wishes, and they really want to get a good idea on what we, as customers, want from our rally and racing games. It’s a win-win situation if they do a good job in the end, but for that they’ll need your opinion.

In order to gather some thoughts, they’ve set up a very detailed and rather extensive survey, covering all imaginable areas of rally and racing games production and customer satisfaction. It will take some time to go through all the questions and countless answers, but don’t be intimidated, just think about the outcome – as one Redditor suggests, can you imagine a WRC / ERC simulation with Forza-esque scale and level of detail?

Grab a beer or a coffee and spare few minutes filling up Codemasters’ survey, perhaps we can all hope their next game will finally be answer to all our prayers. Because, it’s no secret, WRC and rallying in general are not very well represented in gaming at the moment. Arcadish Dirt 3 and half-done official WRC game are not what I call proper tribute to rallying! We want more.

Codemasters Community Survey