Codemasters Community Survey – they’re building something and are curious about our ideas

  • Nick Alterskye

    Wow – thanks for alerting me to this. Love my rally and race games – but especially rallying. WRC games by Milestone are getting better but they need McRae graphics, Richard Burns physics, WRC3 cars and drivers by way of licenses and finally stages which are real mm by mm with every bump, camber and junction including simulated lengths! NOW that would be amazing!

  • flat-over-crest

    Well,and I thought I was the last man insisting that the original 1998 Colin McRae Rally WAS the best.It all went downhill after that-better graphics,sure,more cars,yes, but not so close to the real rally magic I first felt on Christmas 1998.”Official” WRC games,especially 2003-04, were an absolute low and Dirt is just a pile of s*#t.
    My alltime favourite CMR memories?
    New Zealand stage in RWD Escort RS1800…or else?
    Flying with an Audi S1 group B monster on Rally Australia .

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