Rally Sweden stages live on (Swedish) TV

  • I could copy and paste my comment without a change from the last post.

    WRC desperately needs more live TV. No TV attracts no people other than a few motor sports enthusiasts from the “outside”.

  • Alex Langheck

    Frustrating isn’t the word.
    If the host country are providing any Live TV coverage, then RedBull/FiA/ WRC need to put it on their websites. This is a ‘WORLD’ Championship – there are millions of fans out there. Get it sorted!!

  • Damien

    I am in France and the live streaming seems to be working, or am I missing something?

  • Damien

    Oh, I missed something indeed. I have been fooled because the current program is available worldwide, which seems not to be the case for the WRC, as you said. :-(

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