Matthew Wilson rolls out of Rally Sweden, rising few eyebrows

  • Alex Langheck

    I can’t think of another who has had the opportunities that Matt has had, and done nothing with them. Not one podium in 7-8 years in the WRC, in it’s weakest era.

    PG was right; the drive should have gone to a ‘local’ snow expert.

    As for Matt, nice lad, but can’t cut it at WRC level.

    • MCosta

      My sentiments exactly. A huge waste of a seat it has been running Matt Wilson. And with so few opportunities around, its a minor tragedy in my mind. Skipping over clearly more talented pilots, leaving them on the sidelines, at a time when there talent is about to bloom into so many possibilities. It is just sad.

  • Marko S.

    Agreed, there are dozen drivers that should have been given the chance of getting a WRC car for the event, based on their performance, not surname….

  • Petter Solberg must be furious now, quite rightly so.

  • MCosta

    Driver’s I would have rather seen:
    Atko, Solberg, Breen, P-G Anderson, Block, E.Evans, Meeke, Giggi Galli, Xavier Pons, Ott Tanak, B.Sousa, Delecour, S.Chardonnet, A.Lestage, H. Paddon, Y.Protosov, G Basso, B.Guerro, A.Araujo, J MacCrone, A.Fisher, C.Duplessis and Tushnakova(in or out of car is OK for her).

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