Video: Safari Rally Kenya, 1991 – when “W” stood for wild

Sometimes it’s odd when you hear modern drivers complaining about tough conditions, fog, heavy rain, mud, even ice and snow. Some just like to complain, some jokingly say how they wish they were at home, but I am glad that majority of them still genuinely enjoy the challenges and difficulties of this sport. Even if they would rather be back home, or in a pub, they somehow still prefer to stick with the rally, grab that wheel and do their job. In the end, let’s admit it, even if they have all the rights to complain, being a rally driver is far from being the worst job in the world, right?

This brings me nicely to the video I stumbled upon few minutes ago. It is sort of a total opposite of everything we look for and expect in a modern WRC and rally videos today. It’s far from being HD, it does not have slow motion shots (these are getting big nowadays!) and it lack all the effects and gimmicks we sometimes see in modern video production. Instead, it has one of the rawest and most telling stories of the sport. Because, Safari Rally in Kenya wasn’t your ordinary World Rally Championship event. It was marathon endurance against elements, time, terrain, wildlife, fatigue, breakdowns, you name it, Safari had it.

Huge accidents, barely recognizable semi-chewed up Delta Integrales, knee deep mud baths, heavy rain, merciless terrain… it’s all there in abundance. Take a look at what WRC was like back when W stood for Wild.