Video: Monster of a Mini in world’s first backflip in a car

We’ve all been wondering what is Mini up to these days. They had their Dakar fun, running around in the sand and conquering huge challenges, and we know oh too well they are nowhere near WRC, minus Prodrive and Motorsport Italia teams. As it turns out, they are not sitting at home, watching TV and asking what might have been. Instead, they’re tackling new massive challenges. Such as backflip in a car. No more, no less.

It all started years ago, as Monster Energy reveals, and today Dakar star Guerlain Chicherit successfully jumped and landed his specially prepared Mini Countryman, all while flipping the car backwards, full circle.

Weather wasn’t friendly towards Mr. Chicherit and his team, and Monster reported several delays to practice runs this week. Yet, it all came together today, for a perfect jump and a rather soft landing in the white.

Now, with that out of the way, and after all well deserved congratulations to Guerlain and Monster Energy calm down, can we politely ask two brands involved to get their act together and put Mini where it (also) belongs? You’ve guessed it – WRC stages.

The taste of Red Bull is getting a bit old already, we could use some of the Monster Energy in WRC, don’t you think. I know, it’s a long shot, but still. Mini in Monster Energy livery looks badass, any way you flip it.