Photos of Opel Adam R2 rally car

Opel is ready to get their hands, feet and wheels dirty with the introduction of the R2 spec Adam. Supercompact rally car will be homologated sometime this year, and in Geneva Opel will reveal it’s final version, for now still called concept. World Rally Blog already ran Opel’s official press release regarding Adam R2 rally car, and you can catch in by clicking the link below.

Officially, Adam will start off Opel’s rally campaign as a one-make cup car, and B segment Corsa is scheduled to take over next year as R3 car, only to evolve further in 2015. It is very likely that Opel is considering full attack in proper World Rally Championship competition in near future, but those plans will depend on many factors, from the further development of the Championship and it’s rules to the improvements in media presentation.

For now, here are some of the images of Opel’s brand new rally hopeful, Adam R2.

Official press release regarding Adam R2 project is behind this link.