Nissan goes endurance, it’s no Juke

  • Alex Langheck

    There was never any chance that Nissan would join the WRC – it doesn’t fit in with their strategy.
    Where is the future technology? Diesels, hybrids, etc
    Zero!! Turbo-charged, 4WD cars which the WRC has had for 20+ years…..and still they continue with the same technology.
    Sportscar/Endurance racing embraces new technologies like no other. Audi brought in Diesels, then a diesel/ hybrid, Toyota use a petrol/hybrid, as will Porsche next year.

    Also, they haven’t changed the sport to suit TV; Le Mans is still 24 hours, Sebring is still 12 hours. Whereas WRC has sold out, and Endurance has become a dirty word.

    WRC needs to start being proactive, and road relevant; and introduce new technology.

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