Renault: “Thanks to extensive media coverage, the ERC is an interesting alternative to WRC.”

  • Marko S.

    2WD will never make for an interesting alternative to 4WD.

  • Alex

    I like to see 2WD cars in rally, because they seem more like every day cars we can actually buy.

    I agree 4WD are more spetacular because of the traction and the pooowweeerr.

  • flat-over-crest

    2WD cars may not be so spectacular,but still have their place.And if driven well,they can be pretty exciting.Remember Ragnotti or Panizzi in the F2 Kit-cars?
    Personally I love to see all kind of cars on a rally stage-WRC,S2000,Group N ,2WD,rear drive GTs,and some cheaper machines for the amateurs.There is room for everyone.

  • Marko S.

    I agree about Kit cars, they look, sound and go like a proper rally cars, but today’s FWD cars are not like that. They are heavy and look slow and struggling out of tight bends or when traction is not good. All cars do deserve their place on the stages, but I’m just sad to see strong manufacturer focusing on 2WD as primary rally assalut machine.

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