Exciting visuals on modern WRC cars (Ford Fiesta RS WRC, Mini Countryman JCW WRC & Hyundai i20 WRC)

  • flat-over-crest

    Fiesta is really impressive,especially if seen in white test livery it looks much bigger and meaner.Polo looks just perfect-butch and angry and ‘coming to get you!’…Not so sure about DS3-from some angles it’s less OK but overall good design touches,as in the road car.The Mini though,when I first saw it in the flesh at the 2011 Acropolis,nearly got me rolling with laughter.It is just ugly,unbalanced in proportions and unintentionaly funny-in a bad way.Like the whole Mini-Prodrive WRC project actually.

  • flat-over-crest

    Hey WRB,just an idea for the future-vote for the prettiest and the ugliest rally cars ever would be a nice topic.
    Imagine the possibilities-Stratos,037,Celica ST165,HF Integrale,206 WRC,Focus mk1…against ‘bug-eye’ 2001 Impreza or Metro 6R4 or Mini…sounds like fun.

  • Marko S.

    For me the best looking cars are Fiesta and Polo, they look mean and powerful. DS3 is too round, not agressive enough – same goes for Mini. Dark grey on the i20 spoiled it’s looks, it looks like 90’s Hyundai interior – cheap and plastic.
    @ Flat-over-crest – no doubt the winner of the ugliest car ever seen on stages would be Citröen BX 4TC

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