From Lotus to Lotos – Kubica reveals his rally programme

To say it’s great to see Robert Kubica determined to race and enjoy himself is an understatement. After terrible accident and lengthy recovery process, Kubica is once again ready to tackle some of the most challenging motorsport events in the world. Instead of racing around circuits in Formula 1, he will be getting his adrenaline fix behind the wheel of a rally car.

Previous reports said Kubica will compete in selected WRC and ERC events, and today he elaborated further on this matter, naming the events and presenting his new rally team. No doubt, his hopes and dreams of Formula 1 return are still very much alive, but until that happens, he will be testing his strengths and skill against some of the best rally drivers out there.

And by best, I really mean it. Because not only will Kubica compete in upcoming Rally Portugal, round four of the World Rally Championship, but in further seven WRC events; Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece and spain. At the same time, Polish ace will also run in four European Rally Championship events, Rally Islas Canarias, his home event, Rally Poland, the legendary Tour de Corse and the rally on the Azores.

One thing immediately comes to mind – Polish rally fans! They usually flock rally stages in Poland in huge numbers, but with Kubica taking part on Rally Poland, we could be seeing new records being broken. Which is great in so many ways.

It’s also great to see Kubica and his team being very serious about this project, even though it will mostly be a season of learning and adapting. Video below shows Kubica’s DS3 RRC car, which is getting ready for first start in ERC next week on Rally Islas Canarias.

Kubica will be part of the new LOTOS Group motorsport team, together with co-driver Maciej Baran.