Photo & video: Tank S Rally in Netherlands by Rallymedia

While we wait for the next rounds of the European and World Rally Championship series, why not look around a bit and see what else is going on in the world of corners, cuts and pace notes. As you may recall, I wrote a short post about the talented two-man Rallymedia team not long ago.

Rallymedia cameras were at the scene of the first event of 2013 Dutch rally championship, Tank S Rally, and as usual, produced material is of top quality. One of the photos is attached above, and you can find video below. For more photos from Tank S Rally, just click on the link below and visit Rallymedia’s website.

While the footage and photos are great, I do have a remark concerning the roads on which the stages of this rally are set. They are just too damn perfect! Not a single bump, not one! It’s great infrastructure, no doubt, but rally drivers usually love some potholes and different types of tarmac. Or at least they say that do!

Click here to visit Rallymedia website. Enjoy the show.