Video: Lada VFTS & Škalić brothers in Rally Kumrovec

Robert Kubica was trying too hard to win at his first ERC outing in Gran Canaria, Sebastian Vettel was trying even harder to mess with Mark Webber once again, and in Croatia rally crews tackled the stages of the first round of the 2013 national rally championship season. It was time for another edition of Rally Kumrovec, run in the hilly northern part of the country. Short stages were by no means easy. Rally had just over 75 kilometers of special stages, spread over 10 timed sections, but even short rallies such as this can host some fine driving.

One example is the popular Croatian crew of Škalić brothers, namely Tomislav and Zdravko. After years of driving conventional FWD rally cars, they finally decided to get into something more interesting – it’s rear wheel drive and it comes from behind the iron curtain. Yep, it’s Lada VFTS in all it’s boxy, rugged, screaming glory. Put that in skilled hands and let it run across some narrow and twisty tarmac and you have all ingredients required for a top rally experience.

See for yourself as Škalić bros. tackle one of the stages of Rally Kumrovec, on their way to first podium finish overall (they clinched third spot).