Video: Drifter takes his Hachi-roku to rally stages

Historic rally cars are tons of fun. Take old Ford Escorts, for example, or something from Abarth’s garage. They’re as fast as their owners/drivers dare to push them – set them up (both car and driver) properly and you’ll end up with a nice show for every rally fan to enjoy. If driver is tuned to look for results and performance instead of just driving the car for the sake of driving, you can be sure results will follow.

Croatian drifter Josip Žagar Zax decided to expand his horizons and learn how to drive straight on straights, and only drift and slide if provoked (or ambushed by the slippery surface). Of course, you cannot cure drifters from drifting, especially when they see spectators, but at least they are keeping the wheels straight on straight parts of the stage. For Zax, rally was the obvious choice – you can put your drifting skills to good use, and also learn a lot, all while you listen to and learn to follow the pace notes.

To make this learning process as fun as possible, Zax decided to use the car he’s most familiar with – Toyota AE86, better known as Hachi-roku, or just Hachi. It’s a gorgeous, boxy, tail wagging beauty – it’s no wonder this car has a cult status in drift community and beyond. It is also no wonder Toyota used ideas and principles of this car while co-developing it’s modern rear wheel drive sport icon, GT86.

Following video shows Zax and his co-driver Nikola Miketić on the insanely narrow and twisty special stage of Rally Kumrovec, round 1 of Croatian national rally championship. Zax and Hachi ended up winning the historic car category. Don’t know about you, but to me that car looks like pure fun on wheels!