Rallye de France goes illegal

  • I don’t understand your article….? Obviously it was illegal for someone to have their paid broadcast of the network showing the WRC Live on their television and show it online via a website for the public. He pays the subscription to have the Sport+ channel as well as the internet connection and the WRC fans and viewers were able to have this free without it being geo-blocked (!) and who is getting into trouble? I noted at one point during the Live feed via Sport+ from France that there were over 8,000 people actively watching the program. Pretty good for online, add that to the total of people watching it live in France. I don’t see how this is wrong but can understand it was an illegal broadcast…

    • I don’t think paying subscription to watch pay-TV programme entitles you to rip that footage and put it on Youtube, but if TV companies are fine with it and if motorsport organizers are happy about it, I guess we should be happy too.

  • Michael Spencer

    I’m not sure you understand how rights works.

    The only illegal action is by the person who took the clip from Canal + and posted it to YouTube.

    In order for Rallye de FRance to then exploit that footage would be to have the permission of the rightsholder (FIA / Promoter).

    Just because the clip is on Youtibe doesn’t mean the rights lie anywhere other than the original rightsholder.

    • That is correct, but it is odd that Rallye de France had to use “3rd party uploaded” video – wouldn’t it be better if they uploaded one themselves or used self-hosted video service? I’m talking from a fan perspective here – fan sees a video, click on Youtube icon to visit uploader channel for more such videos, but instead ends up in another random fan’s personal channel, instead of the official Rallye de France or Canal+ one. I hope this makes sense.

  • Reiterman

    Legal or not, watching the official WRC coverage is a waist of time anyway.

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