Four car line-up for Volkswagen in Portugal!

For the next round of the championship, WRC travels to Portugal, and we can hardly wait to see what kind of answers Citroën and Qatar teams can offer to counter the Volkswagen’s dominance. Speaking of Volkswagen, did you know they will be running a four car line-up in Portugal? Well, now you know!

As you can see in the photo, fourth car is getting ready for a nice little adventure. Croatian automotive publications Auto Moto Magazin and Autosport will take it to Rally Portugal, covering over 7000 kilometers in the process, which is only fitting for a car that is currently undergoing one-year marathon test in the hands of Auto Moto Magazin and Autosport journalists.

For the curious, this is Volkswagen white up!, a very capable little car with big personality and loads of character. For a car of this size, it sure did a lot of travelling – among other places, up! visited Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, but even that journey pales in comparison to the full Zagreb – Faro trip for Rally Portugal.

World Rally Blog will keep in touch with this fourth Volkswagen WRC car, as it makes it’s way across Europe, so expect pictures and reports over the next few days.

Just to reassure our friends at Volkswagen – I can confirm that this car will not take part in Fafe Rally Sprint, and will not take the famous jump!