No Fafe for Sebastien Ogier

  • Alex

    The QMWRT about Ogier illness was so hilarious. “Rest until 15th”

  • flat-over-crest

    Sorry but this sounds like utter PR b*ll#cks to me.
    After all,it’s their loss (VW’s, Ogier’s,JML too) as well as the fans’-if they watch last years Fafe rallysprint and the unique atmosphere and exposure it created,they will understand,hopefully.
    It made me think it’s about time to move Rally Portugal back to its roots,up north where the heart of the event lies.I feel most Portuguese fans agree already.
    Same goes for every WRC event-Bring back the old RAC instead of the GB …Wales…whatever its called,move rally France back to Corsica,Rallye Italia to the Tuscany region of old Sanremo Rallies, the Acropolis to the sacred grounds of Lamia and so on.

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