Video: Robert Kubica test & talk in preparation for Rally Portugal

There is absolutely no doubt about it – Robert Kubica will surely be one of the highlights of this years Rally Portugal, regardless of the outcome. After all, it’s one tough mother of a rally to pick for a WRC and more importantly gravel debut. But, Kubica is no stranger to huge risks and even bigger challenges. As he says in this video, rally will help him remain active and occupied with work during the slow but ongoing process of rehabilitation.

We knew it before, and we know it even better now – Kubica is one of the heroes of our generation, but he’s also pretty down-to-earth guy. In this video he talks to Colin Clark about the challenges of Rally Portugal, but also about the future plans, which still include Formula 1. As they should – he was and hopefully can once again be one of the Formula 1 greats – just as he was about to make a switch to more capable teams, he had that horrific rally accident.

Take a look at what Robert has to say, and make sure to keep your fingers crossed for him in Portugal.

Hopefully, sometime soon, we’ll be able to see some on-board footage from his car, and also see his right hand, the one he always seem to conceal – I understand that. He doesn’t really need to show it to the public and it’s not really my right to even think of asking him to do it, but somehow I feel he will do just that, and very soon. So, onboards and a hearty wave with the hand that is on the mend, against all odds, please!