After 30 hours of driving, all that’s left is 1 kilometer!

World Rally Championship should definitely embrace the old concept of driving across entire continent to reach the actual special stages. If they’re crazy. I believe that’s the conclusion of our two-manned crew, after their 30 hour drive from Zagreb to the very outskirts of Portugal.

Judging by the photo above, they’re almost there, all it takes is one more kilometer. After 2800+ “kays” under their belt, I suggested them to either walk the final kilometer, or push the car, but I don’t think they got my message – there was a sudden buzz in radio signal.

Anyway, they are almost there – so that’s great! What is not so great is the sky – those clouds look too similar to the ones that greeted everyone on day 1 of Rally Portugal last year. And if I remember correctly, it was a proper muddy carnage. And to think our crew was so happy when they left the rain behind in Turin and enjoyed the sunshine right up to here!

Here’s hoping for a nice change of weather, fellows!